Building Resilience and Strengths – Workshop with Martina Doherty


Martina Doherty

Martina Doherty, Positive Psychologist / Well-being consultant is delivering this two-hour workshop that will guide you through building resilience and understanding how to use your strengths to boost your confidence and mental health.

Martina will share actionable strategies and tips (all backed by science) so you can equip yourself with tools to build the mental fitness and confidence you need to perform at your best and generate the success and stand-out that you want in your career.





  • An interactive workshop that focused on
  • Different ways of measuring strengths
  • Helping you understand your own strengths
  • Giving you strategies and ideas on how to apply them in the workplace and how to spot them in others

Location: Online (Zoom)

Date: Wednesday, 3rd May 2023

Time: 10am – 12 Noon GMT

Price: €120

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