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Saturday & Sunday 24 & 25 September 2022


What is the Course About ?

  • Learning to be confident on camera
  • Reading News bulletins professionally
  • Producing three professional showreel videos which showcase your talent.
  • Conducting group interviews
  • Handling relaxed entertainment-style chats to camera
  • Showcasing your personality on screen



TV Presenter


The TV presenter course is a highly interactive course taught by television professionals. In this programme you will work alongside professional videographers, television presenters and media experts to perfect your media training.

You will spend time practicing and becoming familiar with the cameras and camera angles. You will learn what to wear, how to use lighting to your advantage, how to professionally read autocue, how to present in a relaxed and professional manner. On completion, you will be a more confident and polished presenter ready to enter the world of television.

Our program will show you how to professionally and confidently present in a studio environment. You will gain confidence in front of the cameras and emerge with skills that you will use, across multiple disciplines including TV presenting, blogging, hosting events and guest appearances on programmes.

You will graduate with a Showreel and a Diploma. The Showreel is your calling card for television stations; it showcases your abilities to future employers. Having a good, written CV/resume is important for some jobs. Having a Showreel is vital for television – it’s all about how you look and present yourself, across a range of television presenter styles.

Get in front of the camera now!

Duration: 1 weekend, Dublin, Full days Saturday & Sunday

Course date: Saturday & Sunday 24 & 25 September 2022

Format: By attendance. In-person & in-studio (Covid permitting). 

Our TV Presenting certificate and showreels are your passport to an international career in television.


Our Team

“We’ve assembled a super team of professionals to teach this course:

  • Jimmy Greely returns as our key tutor. His years of television experience will help you become a real professional in front of the camera.
  • Our videographer will record your News Reading and MTV-styleGizmo pieces. These are one-on-one in front of the camera and are recorded in studio.
  • You will also conduct an individual interview, in studio, which will showcase your ability to put a guest at ease and extract some interesting nuggets of information from them.

You will emerge with three showreels showcasing three different styles of TV Presentation.  The showreel is your calling card for television… it’s all about how you look and perform on camera!”

TV PC Group-1

Why Us ?

Learning from experienced TV professionals

When you start studying with us, you are trained by a working television presenter. Our tutors have practical experience and can offer guidance based on years of accumulated experience.

You also have the benefit of a professional team of videographers and studio technicians who shoot the footage and create your showreel.

Our team are industry experts. They have vast knowledge. They love to share their expertise. They enjoy interacting with students. They are generous with their time and their advice. They are also very useful contacts for you!

TV Presenter – Your Passport to an international career.

We have been teaching TV Presenting courses for over a decade. We’ve taught people from a mix of different backgrounds and countries with a mix of skills and job expectations. Some of our graduates work as TV sports reporters, entertainment correspondents and regional reporters. Others work for corporate video and independent production houses. Over the years we have, literally, changed people’s lives.


What they say about TV Presenter


25 Years Experience

7 Languages

7000 Happy Clients

Next Course Saturday & Sunday 7 & 8 May 2022



Free Consultation with the Director

When you enroll for a professional course, you are investing a significant amount of money in yourself and in your future. It’s a big decision, you need to take your time. Most of all, it’s important that you know exactly where you want to go with this qualification.We have been teaching television presenting courses for more than a decade. We’ve taught people from a mix of different backgrounds and countries. Some work in television, others are interviewed on TV and some work in corporate video presentation. If you have any doubts about a career in Television Presenting, our director will speak with you about your background, your interests, your goals, and whether or not this course is the right one for you.

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