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Journalism is one of the oldest careers known to man. When you think of journalism jobs, they are very diverse. You might be working in sports journalism or reporting on the business environment.

If you enjoy investigating, like to get to the bottom of things, are happiest when you have confirmed that you are right, get a thrill putting fingers on a keyboard and positively adore the idea that your name (your byline) could appear on blogs and newspaper articles (online and print), then you should seriously consider a career in print journalism.

This is also the only course which will launch your career when you graduate. Your final assignment is a story which has been researched, written and presented by you, for publication as a guest blogger on the Irish Academy’s website.

Immerse yourself in the world of Journalism and find your own path into a dynamic, fast-paced communications career.

Through a series of 15 practical, interactive and up-to-date modules, you will learn all the tricks of the trade and you’ll be ready for whatever journalism career comes your way. For each module, you ‘ll be asked to complete one or more assignments. We will continually test the new skills you’ve developed.

Our diploma in journalism gives you professional insight, opinions and advice that are crucial for anyone working as a journalist. You will learn essential writing tips, interviewing techniques and reporting skills. A big part of the course is learning different styles for the platforms that journalists use.

At the end of the course, through your final dissertation, you get to decide what road your Journalism career will go down by specialising. Whether your topic expertise is in sports, music, entertainment, politics, or fashion, we will help you write a dissertation that makes your expertise glow. Your dissertation is also written as a blog, showcasing your knowledge and expertise, and is published on the Academy’s website, reaching an international audience and giving you an immediate start in your new Print Journalism career!

Our Tutors
Brenda Murphy B & W
Brenda Murphy is a lecturer at the Department of Media Communications in Cork Institute of Technology (CIT). She teaches on a number of different courses including the Master’s in Public Relations and New Media, the Higher Diploma in Public Relations and the MA in Journalism and New Media.  A former journalist and subeditor, Brenda has a keen eye for detail, a strong news sense and a media insider’s view, having worked in the Sunday World, the Irish Examiner, and the Galway Independent.  


What will you be studying?

Next Start Date

15th May 2023

Duration: We send you a text module every week, which is enhanced with specially created audio and video files. You’ll be able to complete your course in 14 weeks. You will then have extra time to write your final dissertation. We know life can be busy and it’s easy to fall behind, so we give you up to 1 year to complete the course. During this time, you will have full access to our resources, as well as dedicated support from the student liaison officer and your own personal tutor.

Fee: €855


What they say about Journalism

Why choose us?

Newly graduated students have the opportunity to publish an article on our blog, reaching a large pool of readers and carrying the Academy’s endorsement. What better proof for your future employer than showing him you are perfectly capable of handling the job?

In addition, as soon as you enroll for this course, we will send you a complimentary copy of «Working as a journalist », by John Brophy. This book will give you specific information about the daily work of a journalist and the industry as a whole.

A broad range of innovative and proven Journalistic Material will be at your disposal throughout the entire course.

Journalism core text: written by John Brophy, a long established and highly regarded journalist whose career spans over four decades, this book is specifically targeted to people who want to work in the industry and offers a practitioner’s insight into gathering contacts, signing contracts, dealing with copyright and much more.

Special video clips: we interviewed newspaper editors, social media experts, journalists, event managers, pr practitioners, TV presenters and radio journalists about their businesses. Their advice is available exclusively to our students.

Podcasts: our director Ellen Gunning puts journalism professionals in the interviewee chair on her radio programme that is broadcast on 103.2 Dublin City fm each week. Our specially selected and edited podcasts give insight into historical perspectives on journalism, business journalism, media treatment of minorities and much more.

Finally, we are the only Academy in Ireland which is a proud member of EADL (European Association of Distance Learning), an international organisation consisting of schools, institutions and individuals working in the field of distance education. EADL members work with more than 2,500,000 students across Europe and are proud members of the Global Institute for Public Relations.

Our diploma is practised in 50 countries all over the world and taught in 6 different languages. Our 3 decades of experience is your guarantee.

You are in good hands!

Add a complete English Grammar course!

To master the art of communications, your writing skills must be superlative. You can’t afford to use bad punctuation, wrong conjunctions or rough clauses. In fact, you dream of your writing being flawless.

If you want to put your thoughts into a language, you must use the structure of the language. Our English Grammar course has been designed to provide Print Journalism students with a reminder of the key rules of grammar. We want to enhance your grammar skills and make sure that you hold all the cards in your hand for a successful career.

For just €50 extra, we’ll send you a self-taught course made up of 11 modules. We’ll also provide you with answer sheets for each module, so that you’ll be able to correct the exercises on your own.

Combine our Print Journalism course with English Grammar to get the most out of your learning experience!

English Grammar course available to add at the checkout page.

Free Consultation with the Director

The Irish Academy have over 30 years’ experience in PR and media training. If you have any queries about your study journey please contact us for advice on meeting your training and career needs. Our director Ellen Gunning will be happy to guide you in your choice of course.

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