Diploma in Digital PR

Diploma in Digital PR

   Online Course

Become a highly skilled Digital PR practitioner and change the way you see and do PR/Communications forever.

The world of digital has completely changed the PR/Communications game in recent years. Audiences are more reliant on digital than ever before and are now using multiple devices and channels to get information about brands and whom to trust. Brands also expect to be seen and found in all the right places online, over and above just traditional media.

What most Comms/PR practitioners don’t realise is you hold the keys to some of the most powerful levers in the online world – you just need to understand how to leverage them more in your every day to show the true value of your work.

Digital PR does this for you and can have a huge impact on how you build and maintain a brand’s online reputation, visibility and trust. What’s more, Digital PR provides practitioners with the ability to create real, measurable results beyond traditional media column inches, sentiment and social media vanity metrics and show real PR outcomes.

If you don’t have the right Digital PR knowledge and skills to plan and bring it all together, you’re at risk of being left behind. This Digital PR course provides you with all the practical Digital PR theory, tools, and processes you need to succeed and show your worth in today’s fast-paced digital world.

This course will help you become a highly skilled Digital PR practitioner and change the way you see and do PR/Communications forever!

Our Tutors
With an extensive background in journalism and Corporate Communications, Charlene has cracked the code when it comes to leveraging an integrated Digital PR strategy with new digital tools, data insights and processes to successfully reach key audiences in today’s complex digital world. Having worked in high profile comms roles in New Zealand, the UK and Middle East, Charlene has distilled more than 25 years of comms experience into an easy-to-follow digital communications process that captures audiences in both digital ‘browse’ and ‘search’ mode. She is a highly sought after PR coach and consultant in Australasia, a trainer for the Public Relations Institute of New Zealand (PRINZ) and the Public Relations Institute of Australia (PRIA). She is also an advisor and mentor for Auckland University of Technology’s (AUT’s) Communications’ faculty.


What will you be studying?

This program provides you with a step-by-step overview of Digital PR and how to incorporate it into your everyday work to thrive in today’s fast-paced, ‘always on’ environment.

  • About Digital PR
  • Search and Online Authority
  • Digital PR Tools
  • Benchmarking and Strategy
  • Creating Content for Humans and Search Engine Spiders
  • Media
  • Channel Activation
  • Measurement
  • Assignment

This course covers

  • What is Digital PR? 
  • How the PR/Communications landscape has changed and what skills you need now to ensure you remain relevant. 
  • How to go wider with your work to reach audiences in both ‘SEARCH’ and ‘BROWSE’ mode.
  • How to create a Digital PR omnipresence that grows your digital footprint and online reputation.
  • How to set vital key measurement goals and metrics that show the true value of your work. 
  • The five-step Digital PR process which includes:
      • How to use new Digital PR tools and data analytics (most of which are free) to understand what your audience wants to build more informed campaigns that meet their needs and be rewarded online. 
      • How to carry out an online digital reputation assessment of your brand digital footprint upfront. 
      • How to create optimised, authentic content to grow your brand’s online authority and so it turns up in the right places online, at the right time. 
      • How to create an omnipresence via an integrated Digital PR plan by combining ‘Owned’, ‘Shared’, ‘Earned’ and ‘Amplified’ media channels.  
      • How to leverage media specifically for digital and why it is one of your ‘secret weapons’ when it comes to growing your online authority. 
      • How to incorporate new digital measurement metrics and tools into your work to show the true value and impact of your work – beyond ‘sentiment’ and ‘column inches’.

Next Start Date

15th May 2023

Duration: 9 Modules – Self paced

Format: Online, Industry Tutored, Deadline Specific, Independent Learning.

Experienced Tutors: PR practitioner / Content Creator /Multimedia Journalist.

Award: Irish Academy of Public Relations Diploma


On completion of this course you will be awarded a Diploma in Digital PR from the Irish Academy of Public Relations.

Why Us?

We are the only Academy in Ireland to hold membership of EADL (the European Association of Distance Learning). EADL is an international organisation of institutions working in the field of distance education. EADL members educate more than 2,500,000 students across Europe each year.

Our graduates work in Europe, the USA, Australia, Canada, Russia, New Zealand, Africa and the Middle East. A Diploma in Digital PR enhances your existing skillset and makes you more employable in today’s fast-paced, ‘always on’ environment.

Free Consultation with the Director

When you join a professional course, you are investing a significant amount of money in yourself and in your future. It’s a big decision. You need to take your time. Most of all, it’s important that you know exactly where you want to go with this qualification. We have been teaching communications skills for over 30 years. Our alumni work in journalism, public relations, social media, television studios and radio stations all over the world. If you have any doubts about a career in News Reporting our director will speak with you about your background, your interests, your goals, and whether or not this course is the right one for you.

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